Monday, March 12, 2012

Dickens' Education

From his childhood Dickens was educated by his mother in reading, writing and Latin. However, at the age of six years - along with Fanny - Dickens went to a sort of private school called the "Dame School". At that time there were many of these small schools run by several women; they did not have a background in education, but can read and write. They drew very little tuition, and taught their students up to age 14 years.

In 1821 when Dickens was 9 years old, he and Fanny went back to school run by a nice man named William Gilles. At that time Dickens began writing his first tragic play titled "Miznar, The Sultan of India". Unfortunately, though Dickens is liked the school very much, he had to drop out because her father began to heavily drown into debt as he could not manage his finances. Dickens was sad and angry when he was forced to leave school and his friends.

Later, after not having to work again, Dickens went to another school at Wellington House Academy, although before he could finish it, his family financial difficulties came back again, that he had to drop out once more.

Wellington House Academy, taken from here.

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